Use the code "Q3F1NDT" to get a 10% off for your order. Shipping Free and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Use the code "Q3F1NDT" to get a 10% off for your order. Shipping Free and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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The delivery company/driver will contact you (make an appointment) before the delivery.

Moreno Bath makes sure the customer is 100% pleased. Our team ensures that orders are perfectly packaged to minimize room for damage, checked for the correct item and shipped on time.

 *Moreno Bath only covers any additional shipping cost that is causing by us or the carrier, any not related reason such as missing delivery appointment, requesting the carrier to hold the order, will be at your expense. It will be considered as a return if you cannot finish the payment of the shipping cost for any not-Moreno-related reason, and the return shipping cost will be deducted from your balance and a refund will be issued after we receive the return.*



Inspect all packages at the time of delivery BEFORE signing the receipt.

(Some carriers may not let you open the package before sign to receive it during certain situation. It is ok but please inspect the surface/outside of the box(es) and mark anything suspicious/condition on the receipt and receive the item(s), and follow the instructions below, or contact us right away)


Please open Top of the box and inspect the item. If there is any damage, big or small, please note on the receipt before signing.


  • You must inspect and SIGN:
  • Box crushed, torn, smashed or ripped
  • If arrived with NO PALLET
  • Shrink-wrap is Torn
  • Any Dents on Box
  • Crack on Counter Top
  • Arrived with NO Straps
  • Wet or Dirty Box

*Be as specific as possible and note all damages to the box. It will only benefit you in the rare case of damages inside the shipment*


The Bill of Lading is a binding contract, signing it without proper notations means that the shipment was received in good condition. Without proper notations, the carrier will deny any claims filed, which may jeopardize our ability to send you a replacement.


For returns due to damage:

You have 48 hours to report your damaged item if signed as “received damaged” on the Bill of Lading. Otherwise, a replacement will be at your expense.